Brigit Elisabeth Services - Coaching
Unlocking potential. Read how you benefit from coaching and why I’ve become a coach.



Coaching is a creative partnership to focus, design and implement specific, meaningful, personal, professional or organizational goals. That happens through the exploration of ideas and candid dialogue.
    + Client Centred: honoring your inner resources, skills, agenda and outcomes.
    + Solution Focused: moving towards a desired future outcome.
    + Action Oriented: pursuing change in specific, inspired steps that lead to shifts in attitudes, behaviors and habits.
    + Systematic: taking into account your lifestyle, how change can fit in realistically.
    As your coach, I sponsor you towards the ownership of skill-sets that encourage and support you to increase creativity, productiveness and effectiveness. I will inspire you to move towards whatever makes the biggest difference to accelerate your development choices at this stage in your life. Contrary to the common belief that a coaching session is only effective when held in person, I predominantly work with clients over Skype. It allows clients to relax and focus on themselves in a preferred setting. It is as powerful and efficient while giving the client maximum privacy and flexibility.
    One-on-One or group coaching sessions fall into Personal Development & Team Development.

+ What is already in place?
+ What works well?
+ How does it work?


+ What needs to stay?
+ What needs changing?
+ What priority does it get?


+ How & when will it happen?
+ Who will be responsible?
+ What will be communicated?