Brigit Elisabeth

Getting to know me

  • Where I Trained

    I had the great privilege to do my training, learning and work with the best in their field in seven countries across the globe.

    Hospitality & Entertainment Industry (11 years)
    + BAs in Hospitality Management from Glion Hotel Management School, Switzerland
    + Central Hotel Group, Thailand
    + Disney World, United States of America
    + General Manager fast track program, Hilton hotels in the Netherland and Germany
    + Hilton Human Resources, Corporate Marketing & Corporate Development, Head Office United Kingdom
    + Compass Group, Communication, Head Office Switzerland.

    Skills developed: customer service, hotel operation, team management, leadership, strategy, human resources, project management, budgeting, communication, marketing, franchising, administration, standards , procedures development, negotiating, training, presenting.

    Brigit Elisabeth - My Experience

    My love for the performing arts led me to change industries, to return to Zurich and take on a position that would allow me to study and support myself financially at the same time.

    Performing Art Industry (6 years)
    + Diploma in Opera Performance from Birkbeck College London, United Kingdom
    + MAs in Arts Administration from University of Zurich, Switzerland
    + Rheinoper, Opera Dusseldorf, Germany
    + Classical Music Festival, Montreux, Switzerland
    + Opera Zurich, Switzerland

    Skills developed: office management, theatre operation, team management, leadership, project management, budgeting, communication, administration, standards & procedures development, event management, negotiating, training & presenting, diplomacy.

    My experiences and training have allowed me to develop skills to work with and understand different people, cultures and difficult situations in real life, not just in theory. My employers and colleagues have always known that they can rely on me to get results and meet goals. I’d love to hear about your stories.

    Brigit Elisabeth - My Experience

    The joy I find helping people like yourself make adventurous changes in their career/life and the desire to become an entrepreneur brought me to Vancouver.

    Coaching (5 years)
    + Certification in Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) from Erickson Coaching International
    + Professional Coach Credential (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) 

    Consulting & Facilitation
    + Organizational & Program Development for Erickson Coaching International
    + Co-creation and Faculty for the corporate online program ‘Coaching Competencies for Leaders’

    Brigit Elisabeth - About Me

  • What I Do

    Depending on your needs, I can offer individual or group sessions in English or German.


    Any topic you want to bring to the table (& I truly mean ANY topic), like
    + Flow State & Leadership
    + Behavioral and Belief Patterns
    + Expectations, Stress & Pressure
    + Intellectual & Emotional Mind
    + Team Development

    Consulting & Training
    + Interviewing & Hiring
    + Standards & Procedures
    + Debating, Speaking & Presenting
    + Event Management

    Brigit Elisabeth - About Me

  • How You Benefit

    You are…

    + becoming aware of your patterns, way of working, motivations and beliefs.
    + developing the skills to adapt the above to your benefit.
    + discovering how to work with emotions productively, rather than be run by them.
    + learning how to create and sustain a resourceful state of mind.
    + advancing your creative thinking and triggering it in others.
    + boosting your productivity on all levels in a balanced way.
    + enhancing your communication and relationships with others.
    + reconnecting with 
    your own goals and vision.
    + transforming vision into reality; step by step while having fun.

    My coaching and training techniques will help pull your many skills, capabilities, potential and experience together to create a plan to achieve both personal and professional goals, consistent with your deepest beliefs and values.

    Brigit Elisabeth - About Me

  • How I Do It

    Work Process
    + You contact me to set up a first conversation.
    + We have our first conversation free of charge.
    + We agree to work with each other or not and in what capacity.
    + Either I set up a simple coaching agreement or, if it includes consulting/training, I prepare a proposal.
    + We agree on the number of sessions, workshops and the remuneration terms.
    + We set up a simple contract outlining our commitment to the process.
    + We work together over Skype and/or in person.
    + We evaluate and celebrate the results.

    Work Principles & Ethics:
    + Focused on your productivity.
    + Holding the space for you.
    + Objective sounding board for you.
    + Endlessly curious about what you want.
    + Committed to our working relationship.
    + Willing to challenge you respectfully.
    + Shine the light, so you learn how to help yourself.
    + Invite you to understand more about yourself and others.

    Techniques, Methods,
    + Best business practices from global corporations and the performing arts.
    + Coaching and neuro-linguistic programming techniques.
    + Acting/improvisation techniques.
    + Vocal, breathing and movement techniques.

    Brigit Elisabeth - About Me

  • Why I Do It

    I believe that everybody deserves to know how to change and help themselves.

    I have had the chance to work with incredibly successful companies and people around the world. It has always fascinated me to analyze what ‘made’ them. Here are the two pillars it always came down to:

    1. Understanding and capitalizing on the human potential.  Leaders in these organizations create and nurture a culture that resonates with employees.  They successfully identify and hire people that fit a certain role from a skill set, characteristics and way of working point of view. Everyone in the organization is conscious of working according to their beliefs and values while reaching common goals and share the overall vision.
    2. Creating an administrative infrastructure. It includes a code of conduct, standards, procedures and processes. Capturing these in a user-friendly format and keep them updated. It means a focus on communication, training, implementation/transition periods and review them with team members.

    If you think about it, it’s logical. It means when the human side is not delivering (for whatever reason), you actually have a back-up. I’ve seen over the years, start-ups, teams, projects, initiatives not working out, because one or the other pillar was not sufficiently in place.

    Professionals and entrepreneurs like yourself need a way to harness fabulous ideas, exceptional education, a variety of skills and talents.  To become great leaders, to build a productive team or to create efficient and adequate standards and procedures.

    I want you, your team, your business to succeed; I will help you become a person or an organization in sync with values and beliefs. Being part of your journey fulfills my own personal vision and mission. And of course, it’s what gets me into a flow state: It’s fun and I love it. For me, there is nothing more motivating than helping others identify and achieve their state of productivity and success.

    Brigit Elisabeth - About Me

  • Who I Am

    Acquaintance, Administrator, Announcer, Artist, Art Lover, Assistant, Aunt, Baker, Board/Committee Member, Brunette, Charmer, Coach, Colleague, Communicator, Confidante, Connector, Cook, Consultant, Cousin, Culture Nerd, Dancer, Devil’s Advocate, Diplomat, Dreamer, Doer, Donor, Emphatic, Enthusiast, Explorer, Facilitator, Fairy in disguise, Feeler, Fighter, Free Spirit, Friend, Generalist, Giver, Godmother, (Grand) Daughter, Helper, Hermit, Hiker, Homemaker, Humanist, Humorist, Instructor, Leader, Learner,  Left & Right Brain User,  Light Desk Technician, Listener, Mentor, Motivator, Networker, Niece, Observer, Optimist, Organizer, Painter, Partner, Performer, Philanthropist, Photographer, Planer, Practitioner, Pragmatist, Presenter, Professional, Questioner, Reader, Reformer, Representative, Romantic, Runner, Seeker, Sensor, Singer, Sister (in law), Skier, Snowboarder, Social Animal, Speaker, Stage Hand, Storyteller, Strategist, Student, Swiss, Teacher, Thinker, Trainer, Traveler, Vagabond, Visionary, Volunteer, Walker, Writer, Yogi.

    Why is my name Bee?

    Anything else you like to know? Get in touch. I look forward to meeting YOU.

    Brigit Elisabeth - About Me

  • Vision & Mission

    Vision: Human beings at their best that change the system(s) how we live, work, and treat each other and the planet for the better; based on our shared fundamental values of compassion, cooperation, and connection.

    Mission: I support you in habitually reaching a state of productivity in times of transition, by working with you either in the capacity as a coach, advisor or both. I combine coaching & neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP) techniques, best practice models from business and methods from the performing arts.

    Brigit Elisabeth - About Me

  • Giving Back & Forward

    How are you giving back and forward? I’ve had everything growing up, including a loving family and an exceptional education. I support others either by working for free or by giving donations. I believe in initiatives that enable people to develop and help themselves. Creating a balance between the rational and the creative, which allows us, humans, to thrive. Therefore,  I’ve joined initiatives that help people through coaching, education, or that support artist and bring art to the community.

    Find out more about the organizations I’ve chosen:

    Room to Read – Vancouver Chapter
    A global not-for-profit organization for literacy and girls’ education.

    Malaspina Printmakers
    Vancouver based not-for-profit artist-led organization to preserve traditional printmaking methods applying them in a contemporary way.

    Global not-for-profit for micro-credits for small entrepreneurs.

    If you’re interested in getting involved on a personal or company level, let’s talk about that!

Let’s discuss your situation now.